Here's a quick sketch of the acoustic bits of Wind-Up.  It seems to
have only one place where Andersonianism occurs, so there's not much
point in tabbing the whole shebang (at least, not from the acoustic
guitar point of view).

Ian Anderson
(transcribed by Paul Tarvydas)

Open, standard tuning (i.e. no capo!).

Single notes are shown as S/F, where S is the string and F is the fret.

The Andersonianism occurs on the last word of each (extended) line of
the verse.  He comes off the D chord straight into an Asus4, with the
pinky holding down the 2/3 suspended note, in front of the 3rd finger
on the 2nd fret.  He strums down once, then lifts both the pinky and
the 3rd finger off of the 2nd string and strums up, then replaces the
3rd finger on the 2nd fret and strums down-up.  He then slides to his
Em7 fingering, pinning the 3rd finger on 2/3 ready for the D chord,
plays the little riff by lifting and placing the first finger.  The
last note of the riff is the open 4th string - during this he sets up
the D fingering and then down-strums it.

V=downpick, ^=uppick, /=downstrum, \=upstrum

 chord  frets     fingering
 D     xx0232     xx-132
 Em7   x20030     x1--3-
 F#    xx4322     xx3211
 G     xx0003     xx---3
 A     xx2220     xx123-
 Asus4 xx2240     xx12(3,4)-    both, 3rd and 4th finger on 2nd string
 Asus2 xx2200     xx12--
 Bm    xx4432     xx3421
 E     022100     -231--

 D            Em7             D                 F#
 /             /              /                 /
   When I was young, and they packed me off for school

            G             D               Asus4 Asus2 A A
            /             /                 /     \   / \
   and they taught me how not to play the game.

 Em7              D
  V   ^   V   ^   /
 5/0 5/2 4/0 4/2

  -   -   -   -   2
  3   3   3   3   3
  -   -   -   -   2
  -   -   -   1   -
  -   1   -   -   -
  -   -   -   -   -


            G      A             D      Bm     G
 They can excommunicate me on my way to Sunday school

          G               A               Bm
 And have all the bishops harmonize these lines.

 Bm D E
 Bm D E

 How dare to tell me that I'm my father's son

      G                D           F#
 When that was just an accident of birth?


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