Words and Music by Ian Anderson
Tablature intrepretation by Bruce Bubier

Key signature e minor
Time signature 3/4

This song works great with simple chording.
No fancy picking or fingerwork is necessary, though it could be fun to try
some since the progression is rather "open" and lends itself to filling.
The chord progression is descending pairs of 5ths.
emi  B     D  A     C  G     f#mi7  B
They can be played in a variety of positions on the fretboard for added
Several other possibilities will be included at the end.
The chord progression is the same for every stanza and is great for jamming.
         Em                     B            D                      A
     Whenever I get to feel this way,        try to find new words to say

   C                 G                 f#mi7         B
  I think about the bad old days      we used to know.

Nights of winter turn me cold fears of dying, getting old.
We ran the race and the race was won by running slowly.

Could be soon we'll cease to sound. Slowly upstairs, faster down.
Then to revisit stony grounds, we used to know.

Remembering mornings, shilling spent,  made no sense to leave the bed.
The bad old days they came an went giving way to fruitful years.

Saving up the birds in hand while in the bush the others land.
Tale what we can before the man says it's time to go.

Each to his own way I'll go mine.  Best of luck with what you find.
But for your own sake remember times we used to know.

Other possible chordings "up the neck"
All are "barred" chords
Roman numerals indicate which fret should be barred.
You should start to notice patterns forming.
This is a fun song to play.  Hope you enjoy it.

emi  B-VII D-X  A-V   C-III G-III f#mi7   B-VII

emi-VII  B-VII  D-X  A-IX  C-VIII G-VII f#mi7-VI  B-VII