Under Wraps
Ian Anderson

Intro: E5      D5 E5

D5  E5               D5 E5    D5 E5      C5         D5      A5
Keep it quiet ( go slow ). Circulate. Need to know.
D5      E5             D5  E5          D5 E5                 C5           D5       A5
Stamp the date upon your file. Masquerade, but well worthwhile.
G5 A5                      G5 A5                G5 A5              C5    D5   A5
Wrapped in the warmth of you. Wrapped up in your smile.
              F5                               G5
Wrapped in the folds of your attention.
    Gm                    Ebm7                              Gm                   Eb                    D5
Under wraps, I�ve got you under wraps. Under wraps, I�ve got you under wraps
                E5                                        F5                             D5 E5
Under wraps ( wraps, wraps, wraps�wraps, wraps, wraps
                                    D5 E5                 B5
Under wraps, under wraps.    Under wraps! )

Instru: Bm  C  B5   Bm  D

Wear an air  ( keep mum ) of casual indifference
Careful how you go about your usual business
Wrapped in daydreams of you, wrapped up by your eyes.
Wrapped in the folds of your attention.

Tell you when ( not yet ). Soon the great unveiling
Bless my boots upon my soul, secrecy it is my failing
Wrapped in your summer nights, wrapped in your autumn leaves
Wrapped in the winter of your sleeping.

Submitted by Jim McWeeney and Mark D. Entwistle, A.K.A �The Pine Martins�.
Suggestions welcome.