"Taxi Grab",
from Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young to Die!
Written by Ian Anderson
Transcribed by Arend Raifsnider

Bear with me, this is my first tab ever.

Little intro thingie:

e: |----
b" |----
g: |4s16
d: |----
a: |----
e: |----

Riff 1: about 8x
e: |-----------7--------
b: |-10b12-8------------
g: |--------9-9-9s7-7-9-
d: |------------9s7-7-9-
a: |------------7s5-5-7-
e: |--------------------

B    B
Shake a leg, it's the big rush
B    B
Can't find a taxi, Can't find a bus.
  B B
Bodies jammed in the underground
B   B
Evacuating London town.

Riff 2:
e: |-----------------------
b: |-----------------------
g: |-------9b119-7---------
d: |----7-9-------7-7---7-9
a: |-7h9-------------7h9---
e: |-----------------------

Nowhere to put your feet
B   B
As the big store shoppers and the pavement meet.
B     B
Red lights, pin stripes
Stop, step, shuffle into the night.

Over the previous verse, some slide playing comes in:

e: |---------------
b: |-3v-3s4-3v-3s12
g: |---------------
d: |---------------
a: |---------------
e: |---------------

Riff 2

B5 B5       E5 G5 A5
Teatime calls, the bingo halls
G5      G5 A5  A5   B5
Open at seven in the old front stalls

With similar slide playing over that

Riff 2 with a B chord stuck in there.

Riff 1

More verses, then a solo rooted at(I think) the 7th fret

Some jamming, an outro with Riff 2.

Then it comes back in with something like:

e: |-------------------
b: |-------------------
g: |-7h9-9-11-9-9---7h9
d: |-------------7h9---
a: |-------------------
e: |-------------------

Toy around with that.  Fun song, huh?
Martin Barre is an underrated player!  Boost his legend!