Jethro Tull: Set Aside
Album: Secret language of birds
Chords: Alex and
        Erin [email protected]
Modifications and additions by Håkan Mattsson
Capo on the third fret
D                 A            D              E*
Hard black crows bobbing where once ran deep furrows.
         G*   A   D             Bb/D
Frazzled oak silhouetted in her ivy dress.
D           A           D                E*
Winter sun catches dog fox through thin hedges:
            G*    A     D           Bb/D
throws his long shadow north to the emptiness.
Bb/D          A         G            A
Farmhouse in tatters; shuttered and battered.
      Bm           C              G        A
Even lovers don't go there these last few years.
Bb/D        A          G         D
Spider-web windows on set-aside heroes
          Bm        C            G
standing lost in a landscape of tears.

E*   = xxx454, an open D chord moved up two frets
G*   = xx5433, an open F chord moved up two frets
Bb/D = xx0331 1