Transcribed by Mark D Entwistle , Dirk Krause and Paco Jim�nez

Capo 2

Am (x4)   

Em  C  D Cadd9 Em  C D B7 (x2)

   Em        C       D  Dsus4 Cadd9     Em     C      ���� D B7
I chase your every footstep, ���������and I follow every whim

   Em        C       D  Dsus4 Cadd9     Em    C       ������D B7         
When you call the tune I
m ready, ����to strike up the battle hymn

     Em        C       D  Dsus4 Cadd9     Em    C      D B7         
My lady of the meadows, ����������������my comber of the beach

       Em             C          D        Dsus4 Cadd9                               
ve thrown the stick for your dogs trick,


Em     C       ����D B7

but its floating out of reach


        C      D    G               F                  Em
The long road is a rainbow and the pot of gold lies there

      C    D                    Gsus2
So slip the chain and I
m off again

        C            D
ll find my everywhere

cause Im a Rover

As the robin craves the summer to hide his smock of red
I need the pillow of your hair in which to hide my head
m simple in my sadness, resourceful in remorse
Now, I
m down straining at the lead holding up a windward course

Strip me from the bundle of balloons at every fair
Colorful and carefree, designed to make you stare
But I
m lost and Im losing the thread that holds me down
Now, I
m up hot and rising in the lights in every town






capo 2

intro:   Am x 4
       ---2----------2--2--2--2--- x 4   Em  C  D

main verse rhythm: (spacing does not indicate timing)


     C/G             G              F                Em
The long road is a rainbow and the pot of gold lies there

     C        D            C/G
So slip the chain and I'm off again

        C            D    D           C       main verse rhythm
You'll find me everywhere 'cause I'm a rover

transcrption sent by
John Fahey. [email protected]