Jethro Tull: Rosa on the Factory Floor
Album: Nightcap
Chords: Håkan Mattsson

Intro,chords:       Dm        C Bb C Dm
Bass during intro:  D  C Bb A G F  E D

She moves with machinery for the fancy sports car trade.
 C                       Gm                   Bb         Dm
Part of the industrial process: she sees that they stay made.
She works from early A.M.. They work her to the bone.
        C              Gm                         Bb               Dm
When I call her in the evening, she's too tired to lift the phone.

 F                                        C
Damned if I'll wait for her, and I'll be damned if I don't.
 Gm         Eb                                  F       Dm
Damned if I only see that Rosa on the factory floor.

Signed on for the duration.  They say she came from the East.
 C                         Gm                            Dm
With her tool bag and her coveralls, to pay the rent at least.
She doesn't talk with the workers on the rest of the line
    C            Gm                               Dm
and over in the canteen, she's alone most of the time.

 F                             C
Somewhere in her history is a lock without a key.
  Gm                   Eb                              F
She doesn't trust the management--and she won't trust me.
 F                                     C
We're two different animals.  We live jungles apart.
  Gm                    Eb                            F     Dm
She circles round her freedom and I circle round her heart.

Instrumental part (each beat written for easier following):

Gm Gm Gm Gm Gm Gm Eb Eb Eb Eb Bb Bb F  F  D D

C  C  Bb Bb Eb Eb Bb Bb Ab Ab Eb Eb Bb Bb Dm...

The same as above written in an alternative way: !
Gm (6 beats)      Eb (4 beats)Bb    F     D      !
C     Bb    Eb    Bb    Ab    Eb    Bb    Dm     !