Ian Anderson
Jethro Tull � Catfish Rising
Transcribed by Mark D. Entwistle

Pre-intro:    Bm   A   A  C#m    F#m

Intro:  F#m(sus.4)   C#m    Bm  x 2

               F#m (sus.4)   C#m   Bm   
Roll yer own,

                               F#m(sus.4)    C#m   Bm               
don�t mean you got no money

                           F#m(sus.4)             C#m  Bm 
Only that you got no opportunity

                                C#m       F#m
 to share it with a friend of mine

Roll yer own if you can�t buy ready made
If you won�t be satisfied when you feel a sudden need to unwind

         A                  Bm                         F#m
You know what moves you in the wee hours

                           A                        Bm          F#m
When there�s nothing on the answer phone

                    A                 Bm                     F#m
And if you don�t get  enough of that electric love

                   A                   C#m                F#m(sus.4)�
Don�t try          to get by.      Roll yer own

When no one�s listening. When the reruns play
On the late night black and white TV
Roll yer own when there�s something missing
When those wild cats howl, running in the moonshine
Roll yer own, got to hit that spotRoll yer own, when your hands are hot