Ian Anderson
Jethro Tull Ė Catfish Rising
Transcribed by Mark D. Entwistle

Pre-intro:    Bm   A   A  C#m  Ė  F#m

Intro:  F#m(sus.4)   C#m    Bm  x 2

               F#m (sus.4)   C#m   Bm   
Roll yer own,

                               F#m(sus.4)    C#m   Bm               
donít mean you got no money

                           F#m(sus.4)             C#m  Bm 
Only that you got no opportunity

                                C#m       F#m
 to share it with a friend of mine

Roll yer own if you canít buy ready made
If you wonít be satisfied when you feel a sudden need to unwind

         A                  Bm                         F#m
You know what moves you in the wee hours

                           A                        Bm          F#m
When thereís nothing on the answer phone

                    A                 Bm                     F#m
And if you donít get  enough of that electric love

                   A                   C#m                F#m(sus.4)Ö
Donít try          to get by.      Roll yer own

When no oneís listening. When the reruns play
On the late night black and white TV
Roll yer own when thereís something missing
When those wild cats howl, running in the moonshine
Roll yer own, got to hit that spotRoll yer own, when your hands are hot