Rocks on the road
words and music by  IAN ANDERSON

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 Am Riff
       Am Riff
     G   E  Am (start to sing)

Am                   G               Am+riff
There's a black cat down on the quayside
Am            G                          D   +( notes A C E D)
Ships lights, green eyes glowing in the dark
Am             G                 F
Two young cops handing out a beating
             C                  E7
Know how to hurt and leave no mark

Am                   G               Am
Well down in the half lit bar of the hotel
Am                      G                 D
There's a call for the last round of the day
Dm                                       F
Push back my stool, take that elevator ride
                         G        Am
Fall in bed and kick my shoes away
               F                    D
kick my shoes away ,kick my shoes away
       G         Am
rocks on the road

G E Am

Am                           G               Am+riff
Can't sleep through the wild sound of the city
Am                   G                          D
Hear a car full of young boys heading for a fight
Dm                                           F
Long distance telephone keeps ringing out engaged
                           G        Am
Wonder who your talking with tonight
                                F                     D
talking with tonight talking with tonight
       G           Am
rocks on the road

Tired plumbing wakes me in the morning
Shower runs hot runs cold playing with me
I'm up for the downside, lifes a bitch and all that stuff
So come and shake some apples from my tree

Had to pay for my minibar madness
Itemized phone bill overload
Well now, how about some heavy rolling?
Move these rocks on the road

Am G F Em Am G F Em Dm

Dm                        C    G
Crumbs on the breakfast table
Dm                                   C         Em
And a million other little things to spoil my day
G                           Bb
How about a little light music
                 Dm                          Bm
To chase it all away ......To chase it all away

thanks to the person who was made the other trancription
for the excellent reference