�Reasons for Waiting����������������..Ian Anderson

Capo at 5th fret

A                          G    D                              A
What a sight for    my eyes to see you    in sleep
What a day for     laughter and walking   at night
What a reason for waiting and dreaming of dreams

A                                    G    D                                 A
Could it stop the             sunrise     hearing    you     weep
Me following                  af-- ter,  your hand holding tight
So here�s hoping you�ve faith in impossible             schemes

                  G                   D     A
You�re not seen you�re   not   heard
And the     mem�ry         stays clear
That are     born        in   the    sigh

                C            D     A
But    I   stand  by my    word.
with the song  that you  hear
of the    wind   blowing   by

                C                                    F                                  G     D      A...*
Came   a  thousand  miles  just to catch you while you�re smi-ling
If    I        can  but   make       the  words  awake  the         fee- ling
While the morning light brings an end  to  a  night  of       lov- ing

*Bridge:  2x�s:  A- G- A- C- A- G- D- C- D �A  �..then back to song.

I transcribed this arrangement from chords in songbook. Hope these are useful!
Mick D.