Jethro Tull: Quizz Kid
Album: Too old to rock'n'roll, too young to die
Chords: Paco Jimenez. Finshed by: Håkan Mattsson
thanks to Asaf for the riff inter verses

During riff by Paco :

    E7                    C    Csus2   G               E7
  |-1----1-----1---------|--0-----0---------------------|START AGAIN

 F# E

 F#                              E
Cut along the dotted line - slip in and seal the flap.(riff)


 F#                                   E
Postal competition crazy, though you wear the dunce's cap.
 E              B           A               E
Win a fortnight in Ibiza - line up for the big hand out.
 D                   E
You'll never know unless you try -
  D            E
what winning's all about -
be a quizz kid.
Be a whizz kid.
Be a quizz kid. Be a...

riff: E7... C D, F# E

 F#                       E
Six days later there's a rush telegram
  F#                                E
Drop everything and telephone this number if you can.
E                 B              A            E
It's a free trip down to London for a weekend of high life.
  D                         E
They'll wine you; dine you; undermine you -
 D           E
better not bring the wife -
be a quizz kid.
Be a whizz kid.
Be a quizz kid. Be a...

another riff + instrumental: not for now

F#                                    E
It's a try out for a quizz show that millions watch each week.
 F#                                    E
Following the fate and fortunes of contestants as they speak.
E             B             A        E
Answerable to everyone; responsible to all;
 D            E
publicity dissected -
               D               E
brain cells splattered on the walls...

...of encyclopaedic knowledge.
        A                 E
May be barbaric but it's fun.
As the clock ticks away a lifetime,
           A              E
hold your head up to the gun
of a million cathode ray tubes
A                    E
aimed at your tiny skull.
May you find sweet inspiration -
          A             E
may your memory not be dull.

         F#                              E
May you rise to dizzy success. May your wit be quick and strong.
         F#                           E
May you constantly amaze us. May your answers not be wrong.
 E               B                            A                  E
May your head be on your shoulders. May your tongue be in your cheek.
     D               E                E              F#
And most of all we pray that you may come back next week!
Be a quizz kid.
Be a whizz kid. Be a...