Moths - Jethro Tull

Capo 3

E         A G       Bm       Bm A  Em           Bm             Bm A Em

    C                    C Cadd9 C             Am              Am Asus4 Am
The leaded window opened           to move the dancing candle flame
        Dm                   Dm Dsus2 Dm  F  C     G         F  G     Am
And the first Moths of summer            suicidal came, oh, suicidal came.
       C                   C Cadd9 C           Am              Am Asus4 Am
And a new breeze chattered             in its May-bud tenderness
        Dm     Dm7     G     G Gadd4 Gadd5         F         G      Am
Sending water-lillies sailing              as she turned to get undressed.
    C                      C Cadd9 C        Am                 Am Asus4 Am
And the long night awakened         and we soared on powdered wings
Dm                    Dm Dsus2 Dm         F    C        G
Circling our tomorrows            in the wary month of Spring.
 C                      C Cadd9 C       Am               Am Asus4 Am
Chasing shadows slipping          in a magic lantern slide
 Dm       Dm7     G     G Gadd4 Gadd5         F    G     Am
Creatures of the candle                on a night-light-ride.
C                  C Cadd9 C                      Am            Am Asus4 Am
Dipping and weaving          flutter through the golden needle's eye
       Dm              Dm Dsus2 Dm                           F    C     G
in our haystack madness.          Butterfly-stroking on a Spring-tide high,
          F     G    Am
oh, on a Spring-tide high.

Bm Bm A G   Bm Bm A G (same as part of intro)

D          Bm            G       A
Life's too long (as the Lemming said)
       Bm     Ab              E     B   Dbm
as the candle burned and the Moths were wed.
           G          A             D    A     Bm
And we'll all burn together as the wick grows higher
   A        E        B
before the candle's dead.

1/2 verse progression - instrumental

    Eb                  Eb Ebadd9 Eb              Cm            Cm Csus4 Cm
The leaded window opened             to move the dancing candle flame.
        Fm                   Fm Fsus2 Fm  Ab Eb    Bb        Ab Bb    Cm
And the first moths of summer            suicidal came, oh, suicidal game
    Eb                Eb Ebadd9 Eb         Cm                  Cm Csus4 Cm
to join in the worship             of the light that never Dies
     Fm                 Fm Fsus2 Fm                Ab     Eb      Bb
in a moment's reflection            of two moths spinning in her eyes.

D Bm Bm A G Bm Bm A G Bm A G Bm (listen for similarity to intro.)
transcribed by John Fahey
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