Made in England
Ian Anderson
Walk into Light
Note: many chords are played as 5th (revised)

G   F  G             Dm    F        G          F   G              Dm       C
Somewhere in a town in England lay a babe with a curious smile

G   F      G            Dm F         G             F      G            Bb  Am    G
He was of your father�s children. Born each side of a dry stone mile.

G     F      G                     Dm         F         G            F       G                Dm       C
He grew up through the schools and factories. Brunel�s tunnels and bridges bold.

G       F         G             Dm F            G               F               Bb  Am G
Grey towers built high on that kingdom. With apartments still unsold.

Am                      G          F                                               C            Dm  C  Dm
Somewhere in a town in England. Could be Newcastle, Leeds or Birmingham

         C            Am        G               Am          C          Em
And were you made in England�s green and pleasant land?

Same as above:
He accepts no unemployment and is to indeterminate station bred.
Is possessed of skills and reason. Flies the flag upon his head

Watches the democratic process grind it�s way to the common cold.
Filled with fiery infiltrators who would pave the streets with England�s gold.

Instrumentals are easy to figure out once you get this.

Transposed by Jim McWeeney. Corrections provided by Peter Dawson. Many thanks.