Ian Anderson: The little flower girl
Album: Secret language of birds
Chords: Håkan Mattsson with some help from Ben Osborne

Capo on third fret

The Em chord is played as xxx453 (as a Dm moved up two steps)

     Am                E    sus4
-5---5---5-5-5------4---4---4-4-4---    repeat 3 times

  F#m    F#m/F      E...................

 Em                      D       (Dsus4)
Down at the church the flower girl sits.

 Em              A
Legs innocent, apart.

   Em               D              B         (B7)
I make the picture puzzle fit to start your heart.

 Em              D     (Dsus4)
Painted sister stopped beside.

   Em                    A
A word upon her saintly lip.

 Em                       D              B     (B7)
Perhaps admonishing the child inside the open slit.

Em                                 C(maj7)          D            B(7)
I don't know know where she might go when she runs home at night.

Em                 C                             D              B
It's for the best: I wouldn't rest when I turned out the light.

Am7         B7sus4 B7         Cmaj7           A
No little flower girl singing in my troubled dream -

 Em                D                      B
just an old man's model in a pose from a magazine. 1