������������ Bm G F#

Bm                                 G
There was a warm wind with the high tide
        D       G       F#
on the south side of the hill.
        A                 G
When a young girl went a-walking
       D      E         F# A
and I followed with a will.

"Good day to you, my fine young lady

with your lips so sweetly full.

May I help you comb your long hair ---

sweep it from that brow so cool?"

G    A         Bm
Up, ride with the kelpie.
       G         A           D   F#
I'll steal your soul to the deep.
              G         A            D        G
If you don't ride with me while the devil's free
�������������� A       Bm
I'll ride with somebody else. 

Instrumental solo �????