From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser� ���������.���.Ian Anderson

Capo at 2nd fret

C                                  Em               G                            Em
From a dead beat to an old greaser;   here�s thinking of you.
                  D                    Am-C             F                       Bb
You won�t remember the long  nights, coffee bars, and black tights,
        C                      Em                               G                                                   Em
and  white thighs in shop windows where blonde assistants fully fashioned a world
               D                            Am-C          F                 Bb
made of  dummies with no  mummies or daddies to reject them
          C                                        Em                      G                   Em
When bombs were banned every Sunday, and the shadows did F.B.I.
                  D                                                                  Am-C
And tired young sax players sold their instruments of  torture,
                 F                      Bb
Sat in the station sharing wet dreams
                  C                 Em                   G                             Em
of Charlie Parker, Jack Kerouac, Rene Magritte to name a  few
           D                                                      Am-C
of the heroes who were too wise for their own good,
            F                                  Bb           C�
left the young brood to go on living without them�

Instrumental Progression
�Em    G      Em      D     Am-C     F     Bb��

C                         Em               G                               Em
Old queers with young faces, who remember your name.
                            D                      Am-C      F                   Bb
Though you�re a dead beat with tired feet, two ends that won�t meet.
        C                            Em              G                                          Em
To a dead beat, from an old greaser; think you must have me all wrong.
               D                             Am-C
I wasn�t there friend; I didn�t care friend.
                                       F                                Bb
But if it�s the price of a pint that you need, ask me again.

He may or may not use the capo at 2nd; try 3rd also.
Submitted by Mick D.

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