Coronach - capo 3 - (from the album "20 years of Jethro Tull") 
produced by David Palmer from the TV-series "The Blood Of The British" 1986 
intro and refrain

          Am                   G                    F       D         Am

Am               G       Asus2   Am                C         G 
Grey the mist - cold the dawn. Cruel the sea and stern the shore. 

Am                 C        F           G   C      >>> Bridge
Brave the man who sets his course - for Albion.             C     Am    G 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        e|-1--0-----0-----3-|
Am                           Asus2                    G|----0-----2-----0-|
Sweet the rose - sharp the thorn.                     D|----2-----2-----0-|
Am                  C        G                        E|----------0-----3-|
Meek the soil and proud the corn.

Am                     G        F       G         F         C       Asus4
Blessed the lamb that would be born within this green and pleasant land.

             Am                     G                      F       D       Am 
  Hi-O-Ran-I-O           Hi-O-Ran-I-O,          Hi-O-Ran-I-O,      Oh Oh Oh
                HiORanIO               HiORanIO              HiORanIO Oh Oh

C      F       G        C         F            G 
Brown furrow shine - beneath the rain washed blue. 

Em       Am       Dm        Bb     F         G
Bright crystal streams from eagle mountains born.

Em  Am        D                  F     G
Fortune has smiled on those who wake anew,

    Am                C      F         C       F       G 
Within this fortress nature built to stay the hand of war. >>> Bridge

Am              G      Asus2   Am                 C         G 
With the wind from the east - came the first of those who tread.

  Am                     G       F           G           F     C   Asus4 
Upon this stone, this throne of kings, this realm, this new Jerusalem.
This is my simple version of the song. Have fun. 
Widolf D�rr (Germany) - [email protected]
Notes from the world wide web: 
1. Coronach (Scottish Dirge Of The Women And Girls)
(D: schottisches Klagelied der Frauen und M�dchen, Grabgesang) 
From �The Lady Of The Lake� - Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) - published 1826

2. Hi-O-Ran-I-O Gaelic battle call (D: g�lischer Schlachtruf)