Black Sunday

Em                                D
Tomorrow is the one day I would change for a Monday
      C                            G
with freezing rains melting and no trains running
     F                   Em
and sad eyes passing in windows flimsy and
   Bm                D
my seat rocking from legs not quite matching
    C                           D
Got passport, credit cards, a plane that I'm catching
        C               D          Em
Black Sunday falls one day too soon

      Em                       D
The taxi that takes me will be moving too quickly
    C                    G
My suitcases simply too full for the closing
      F                          Em
of pants, shirts and kisses all packed in a hurry
      Bm                       D
Two best-selling paper backs chosen at random ---
      C                      D
no sign of sales-persons to whom I might hand them
         C              D          Em
Black Sunday falls one day too soon

(rest the same)

And down at the airport are probably waiting a few thousand passengers, overbooked seating Time long suspended in transit-lounge traumas --- connections broken and Special Branch waiting conspicuously standing in holiday clothing Black Sunday falls one day too soon Pick up my feet and kick off my lethargy Down to the gate with the old mood upon me Get out and chase the small immortality born in the minute of my next returning Impatient feet tapping and cigarette burning Homecoming one day too soon And back at the house there's a grey sky a-tumbling Milk bottles piling on door steps a-crumbling Curtains all drawn and cold water plumbing Notepaper scribbles I read unbelieving Saying how sorry, how sad was the leaving day too soon

Words and music by  IAN ANDERSON


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