Jethro Tull: Back-Door Angels
Album: Warchild
Chords: Hkan Mattsson 2003-06-13

Em Cmaj7 Am C (C D Em) (see below
In and out of the front door, ran twelve back-door angels. in tab)
C D G Cmaj7 Am Am D D B Em
Their hair was a golden-brown --- they didn't see me wink my eye.
Em D C (C D Em)
`Tis said they put we men to sleep with just a whisper,
C D G C    Am D D B Em
And touch the heads of dying dogs --- and make them linger.
Em D C (C D Em)
They carry their candles high --- and they light the dark hours.
C D G C Am D      D B Em
And sweep all the country clean with pressed and scented wild-flowers.

Solo (I haven't tried too hard here):
|: Em D :|: Am D :|

Em Cmaj7 Am C (C D Em)
They grow all their roses red, and paint our skies blue ---
C D G Cmaj7  Am       Am            D D B Em
drop one penny in every second bowl --- make half the beggars lose,
Em D C (C D Em)
why do the faithful have such a will to believe in something?
C D GCmaj7 Am               D D B Em
And call it the name they choose,   having chosen nothing.

Solo (I haven't tried so hard here either):
|: Em D :|: Am D :|: D :|: E :|

     (Something like this for "Think I'll sit down...")            "(C  D Em)" above
-------------------------------------7-   5         5          3    -3--2-0-

-------------------------------------9-   7         7          5    -5--3-0-
-------------------------------------9-   7         7          5    -5--2-0-
-------------------------------------9-   7         7          5    -5--0-2-
2-2-slide---7---7h9-7------7---------7    5         5          3    -3----2-
0-0---------0---0---0------0----------    -         -          -    -0----0-

Em                                   E    D         D C C D Em
Think I'll sit down and invent some fool --- some Grand Court Jester.
C D G Cmaj7  Am D D B Em
And next time the die is cast,     he'll throw a six or two.

In and out of the back-door, ran one front-door angel,
Her hair was a golden-brown --- she smiled and I think she winked her eye.

                                        C     D     Em
The "(C D Em)" parts in the song may be played -32013 --0232 022000 instead as in
tab above, it's a bit easier.

All Cmaj7 are not played as Cmaj7, some are being played as C. But Cmaj7
sounds nice - you decide yourself! :-)

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