#----------------------------------PLEASENOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 07:03:52 -0500 From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: New Day Yesterday tablature [disclaimer: This tab had to be re-formatted due to font mismatches, which may have caused misalignment of words and some phrases. PT] Tablature for A NEW DAY YESTERDAY Words and music by Ian Anderson tablature intrepretation by Bruce Bubier Key Signature e minor Time Signature 3/4 No Capo symbols "H" above the staff means hammer on to the fret indicated below "P" above the staff means pull off from the fret indicated below Roman numerals indicate frets (i.e. where to barre chords) Rhythm is not indicated AT ALL. Listen to the record for that There are three sections to this song #1 - ascending riff #2 - descending riff #3 - chord section #1 Repeat this several times before vocal emi chord is optional - single note is ok too _________________________(0)______________________________________________ _________________________(0)______________________________________________ __________________________0_______________________________________________ _______0_1_2___2_2_0_____(2)______________________________________________ _0_1_2_______________2___(2)______________________________________________ ________________________ (0)______________________________________________ My first and last time with you #2 Repeat this part before (and after last) line of vocal ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________0____________________________________ ____________________2__2__0___________________________________________ _3__2__0__2__________________2________________________________________ ______________3__0____________________________________________________ and we had some fun Went walking through the trees, yeah! And then I kissed you once #3 A-V emi C emi
_5_______0_____________0_________________0__ _5_______0_____________1_________________0__ _6_______0_____________0_________________0__ _7_______2_____________2_________________2__ _7_______2_____________3_________________2__ _5_______0_____________0_________________0__ Oh - I want to see you soon but I wonder how G-III A-V C-VIII emi P _________3_______5_________________8_______0____________________ _________3_______5_________________8_______0____________________ _________4_______6_________________9_______0________________0___ _________5_______7________________10_______2____2___2/0_________ _________5_______7________________10_______2_____________2______ _________3_______5_________________8_______0____________________ It was a new day yesterday but it's an old day now Repeat from beginning Spent a long time looking for a game to play. My luck should be so bad now to turn out this way. Oh I had to leave today just when I thought I'd found you. It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now. 1