A Gift of Roses by Ian Anderson (Album: J-Tull Dot Com)

Corrected chart by Dennis Kantarski/Brian Burke (aka "The Legumes")


8 bars of Am (play/repeat the Am mandolin vamp 4 times: the notes are A ABCD E EG E)

4 bars of G (play/repeat G mandoli vamp4 times: the notes are GABC D D D)

C/E     F          Am         G                   

I count the hours, you count the days together, 

Dm            C                G       Am    Am (strum) 

we count the minutes in this passion play. 

C/E        F           Am           G 

Walk dusty miles, and I ride that train, 

       Dm          C             G           F (strum) 

on a first class ticket, just to be with you again. 


            D     G    Am              C 

Picking up tired feet, back from a far horizon, 

               D       G     Am                  C 

Cleaned up and brushed down, dressed to look the part. 

D                G         Am              C 

Fresh from God's garden, I bring a gift of roses 

     D                   Am        D                  C

to stand in sweet spring water and press them to your heart. 
2nd Verse -- same as 1st verse
Chorus -- same as original chorus