�Acres Wild� ������������.����������..Ian Anderson

Capo at 5th fret

  Em           C               D       Em        C                 D
  I�ll make love to you      in all good places.
  Em            C                D      Em        C                 D
  I�ll make love to you      in narrow   side streets
        Em           C           D         Em         C              D
  By red bricks pointed     with cement  fingers,
  Em                    C               D         Em           C              D
  Under black     mountains;     in    open         spaces.
  Em                    C             D           Em            C             D
  With shuttered windows        and crumbling chimneys.
  Em                    C           D            Em            C
  Flaking             damply        from sagging     shoulders.
  Em                     C      D     Em        C         D
  By deep brown rives    that slither darkly
  Em               C           D                  Em           C      D
  Through far marches,    where the blue hare races.

  C                Am          G                  C             Am        Em
  Come with me to the Winged Isle  Northern Fathers� Western Child
  Come with me to the weary town  discos      silent     underground
                    C               Am         G                        C                  D                B       A
  Where the dance   of  ages is     playing still;       through  far  marches of acres wild.
  That          slide from rooftops  scatter softly; on concrete       marches  of acres wild.

I�ve played this arrangement along to original; this is where he plays it ( see Mother Goose, Jack A Lynn, Reasons for Waiting) submitted by Mick D.