Working JohnWorking Joe
Ian Anderson
Capo at 4th
RIFF:  D C Em D   Intro: riff x 4

D                                            C                                      Dm          D     C         D     riff x 1
When I was a young man as all good tales begin I was taught to hold out my hand
D                          C                                        Dm           D           C         D     riff x 1
And for my pay I worked an honest day and took what pittance I could win
                  RIFF                                RIFF                          RIFF
Now I知 a Working John and I知 a Working Joe and I知 doing what I know
For God and the economy have blessed me with equality
             RIFF                                                 RIFF
And the state protects and feeds me and my conscience never leaves me
               RIFF                            RIFF                               RIFF x 2
And I知 loyal to the union who protects me at all levels
Now, as I grew the winds of fortune blew and the bank smiled down upon me
And mortgaged to the hilt I threw the breeze of caution behind me
And I知 a Working John and I知 a Working Joe and I知 good at what I know
And God and the economy have blessed me with equality
And I知 equal to the best of you and better than the rest of you
Who would criticize my success in times of national unrest

Instru: riff x 2 D  Em  C  Em

Verse #2
D        C          Em           D               D         C        Em D
Now, own my horseless carriage in central heated garage
D                C       Em       D     D      C           Em       D
I commute eighty miles a day up at seven to make it pay
  D       C                 Em   D               D           C                  Em  D
I direct ten limited companies with seeming consummate expertise
D                C       Em       D         D              C         Em       D
Two ulcers and a heart disease a trembling feeling in both knees


Transcribed by Jim McWeeney.  Suggestions welcome.