Ian Anderson

Intro : G Am x 4

Am           G        F      Bb          D               Am
See black see yellow with little notebooks drawn
Am                     G           D             Am
See grey stripes bowling down the street
Bb                        C               F#m        Am
Silver streaks and t-shirts so precisely torn
C                        Am                        D
Strange foreign chaps in white bed sheets
       G Am     G Am

See golden halo�d men of high renown
Prance to the politicians beat
Well tailored in unswerving elegance
With shoes by Gucci on their feet

D                                          G           C
How do you know who the hell you are?
D                                         G            C
Wake up each day under a different star
D                                              G
Dressed to the nines meet yourself going home
           F                      C                       Am            D
Like a clone, smartly dressed in your pressed uniform
       G Am      G Am

Instru: Em  G  Em �repeat

White battle dress on green pitch, proud eleven
Beneath the swelling box so neat
The teeming millions of the future fly
The spinning cricket ball to cheat
They�re all uniform

Ending instru: Em    G Am�repeat and fade

Transcribed by Jim McWeeney. Suggestions welcome.