Ian Anderson

Intro : G Am x 4

Am           G        F      Bb          D               Am
See black see yellow with little notebooks drawn
Am                     G           D             Am
See grey stripes bowling down the street
Bb                        C               F#m        Am
Silver streaks and t-shirts so precisely torn
C                        Am                        D
Strange foreign chaps in white bed sheets
       G Am     G Am

See golden halo’d men of high renown
Prance to the politicians beat
Well tailored in unswerving elegance
With shoes by Gucci on their feet

D                                          G           C
How do you know who the hell you are?
D                                         G            C
Wake up each day under a different star
D                                              G
Dressed to the nines meet yourself going home
           F                      C                       Am            D
Like a clone, smartly dressed in your pressed uniform
       G Am      G Am

Instru: Em  G  Em …repeat

White battle dress on green pitch, proud eleven
Beneath the swelling box so neat
The teeming millions of the future fly
The spinning cricket ball to cheat
They’re all uniform

Ending instru: Em    G Am…repeat and fade

Transcribed by Jim McWeeney. Suggestions welcome.