Rainbow Blues

(Capo up 3rd fret)

 Em                          D                        C         G,D, Em                   D                   G              C
Through northern lights on back streets          I told the coachman just drive me home
I packed my ammuni-                 tion;             inside the crowd was     shouting, encore

G                             D        C        G         D             Em                       D              G          C
It�s the same old destination              but the difference, worlds   to       sing upon.
But I had almost funny feeling                           It wasn�t me they were shouting for.
              Am                     C                     D
So he threw back his head and he counted.
So when a tall dark Lady          smiled at me
Let me pack you     deep in my      suitcase for there�s
                       Em                     Am                    D                 C                  D       C               D
I jumped out about five to nine, and I waved at the stage door keeper;        said Mister
I said Oh baby let us go for a ride And he came upon two drinks of   port            and
sure         to be room for two  for you can drive me to the air-        plane but        don�t

Em                                     B
Get me to the stage on time.
Popped them oh so neatly inside
Let me catch those rainbow blues
                   G                   D         G      D, Em, D,C    D           G                D       G     D, Em,D
Oh but the rain wasn�t made of water                       and the snow didn�t have a place in the sun,
Oh and the/ ��..
Oh and the/ ��..
                       Em                D      G    D, Em,C       D             Em                                      B

So I slipped         behind    a rain-         bow         and waited till the show had done yes oh,, and

   Em                                      B          A, E ,E7, A ,Am, B
 the laid there Until we had done.

Hi Paco,  It has been a long time, but I�m very busy. I still stop at your site  every time I open my computer. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Tull�s songs with everyone. I had this one somewhere in my desk, and as I saw it requested I send it to you. Of course corrections are always welcome.  Best regards.
P.S. I�ll send you other songs this week.
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