Pig-Me and the Whore - Jethro Tull

Capo 2

F    C      G       F       C          G
Big bottled fraulein, put your weight on me
F       C              G
Said the pygmy to the whore
F        C              G     D               C       G
Desperate for more in his assault upon the mountain

        F    C      G               F       C          G
little man his youth a fountain overdrafted and still counting
F       C              G
vernacular verbose
    F               C    G       D               C       G
an attempt in getting close to where he came from

          F        C       G             F          C          G
in the doorway of the stars, between Blandford Street and Mars
F       C  G    F  C     G
proposition deal, fly button feel
D       C        D              C       G
testicle testing, wallet ever bulging

F               C               G    F           C            G
dressed to the left divulging the wrinkles of his years
        F       C  G      F           C  G
wedding bell induced fears shedding bell end tears
          D               C               G
in the pocket of her resistance

       F          C  G                  F       C         G
international assistance flowing generous and full
    F            C       G
to his never-ready tool
              F       C        G
pulls his eyes over her wool

D                      C
and he shudders as he comes
D                      C                G                       D
and my rudder slowly turns me into the Marylebone Road

segue into Nice Little Tune

  • Thanks to Mr. Bell for his work on Pig Me and the Whore.  I adapted it to a

  • second fret capo to fit with the other parts of Baker St. Muse
    Andy Wessel                   [email protected] 1