A Passion Play Edit #9
Ian Anderson

Gm                   F      Eb              F             Ab
Flee the icy Lucifer, oh he�s an awful fellow
Ab             Eb       Db     Eb      Bb                         F
What a mistake I didn�t take a feather from his pillow
Gm                         F          Eb             F                Ab
Here�s the ever lasting rub neither am I good nor bad
      Ab              Eb   Db    Eb                 Bb                                F
I�d give up my halo for a horn and the horn for the hat I once had
Am Gm  Dm  Gm               Abm   Ebm    Eb F
I�m only breathing, there�s life      on my ceiling
       Gm  Dm         D    Bb   E     Ab
The flies there are sleeping quietly
Gm                            F               Eb                 F                  Ab
Twist my right arm in the dark, I would give two or three for
Ab                 Eb           Db     Eb          Bb                           F
One of those days that never made impressions on the old score
Gm                     F        Eb          F                     Ab
I would gladly be a dog barking up the wrong tree
Ab              Eb                 Db      Eb                    Bb                          F
Everyone�s saved, we�re in the grave. See you there for afternoon tea
Am   Gm   Dm Gm       Abm  Ebm  Eb  F        Gm  Dm       D Bb   E     Ab
Time for a waking. The tea    lady�s making a brew up and baking new bread.

Gm F   Gm    F   Gm  F   G   Gm  C   Gm  F   G  Dm        D C Dm   Gm

Same as above:
Pick me up at half past none, there�s not a moment to lose
There is the train on which I came, on the platform are my old shoes
Station master rings his bell, whistles blow and flags wave.
A little of what you fancy does feel good or so it should.
I thank everybody