Jethro Tull: March The Mad Scientist
Album: 20 Years of Jethro Tull
Chords: Håkan Mattsson
Thanks to Paco for some help.

Capo on 3:rd fret.

Play the intro close to the saddle to get the metallic sound.
"lift 5" and so on below, means "lift finger off string 5"

Am/A /G /F# /E Em (lift 5) F Am (lift 4)

     What  like    Christmas
       would   for

What would you like for Christmas -
C            B                        (this C chord is played as
a new polarity?                        barre on 3:rd on the record)
Asus4       A       G
You're binary, and desperate to deal
  C G    A
in high figures
      D                          A sus2/4
that lick us with their hotter flame -
 D                          A sus2/4
lick each and everyone the same
     D               C
And March, the mad scientist,
 Bb Gm        A sus4/2
rings a new change
   C             G Em
in ever-dancing colours.

He rings it here and he rings it...
C                    B
but no one stops to see
Asus4          A            G
the change of fate and the fate of change
          C   G      A
that slips into his pocket -
       D                      A sus2/4
so he locks it all away from view
      D                              A sus2/4
and shares not what he thought you knew.
D             C
And April is summer-bound,
 Bb Gm           A sus4/2
and February's blue.
     C                       G Em
And no one stops to see the colours.