Intro: G#5 F#5 E5 x 2


F#m           E      Bm     E                       F#m

Later, that same evening, she ran. I think she ran alone.


F#m           E        Bm    E                  F#m

Later, she had early warning from a hidden phone.


G#m                             C#m                     F#m     G#m

Checked with the embassy ---She might have been a million miles away.


             C#m                              F#m            G#m

Should I circulate her likeness At all airports without delay?


E                 C#m       F#m       D

It was later ---Later that same evening.



Earlier, we had had a drink or four

In some Kensington hotel.

Hard --- it was hard to keep my mind

On what she had to sell.

And with all business done

We took a cab ---

Should it be her place or mine?

Good security prevailed

 And I was home just after nine.

It was later --- Later that same evening.


     A5                         G5                 

Now I want you back. Yes, they want you back.

  A5           G5                      E5

We want you back. My country wants you back.


 Later, in the wee small hours

There was heavy traffic on the radio.

 Scare at a channel port ---

Small craft warnings to keep to shore.

 Lobstermen thought they saw

A submarine Half submerged suspiciously.

Though I arrived too late, I'm sure she blew a kiss to me


F#m                   G#m to D

As the sub sailed out to sea.


Ending: G#m , G#m7


         Transcrption by Jim Mc Weeney