Ian Anderson: The Jasmine Corridor
Album: The Secret Language of Birds
Chords: Håkan Mattsson

Capo on 3:rd

In this song, Ian plays the melody here and there,
and I think there are two guitars. Below I show
just a couple of easy things to play.
Em*: Alternatively lift finger off string 4 and 5.

    In all my life...

Em***: Hold an Em, play strings 2, 3, 4.
   you before
Intro (twice):
Asus4?...  Em         A         A     Em    Em*
         (open)(barre on 5:th)(open)(open)

Em**          Em*
In all my life,
   C                      Em***    Em*
I never knew a girl like you before.
Em**            Em*
Woke up one day,
         C                                 Em***     Em*
swore I heard the sound of heaven knocking on my door
D         C         G           D
And after all these years long passing,
D           C        G        D
time to reflect, no time for wasting.
 D       C        G       C    Em*
Walking down the jasmine corridor.

 Asus4(?)                        A sus2/4  Em*
Reflecting echoes of quiet laughter.

Em**           Em*
In all my life,
       C                              Em***        E*
I was never better served than I was served by you.
Em**          Em*
And in my way,
      C                                      A  Em*
hope you agree I tried my best to serve you too.
D           C                 G        D
Out on the headland I stepped once unsteady.
D             C            G            D
You there to catch me, I breathe more freely.
 D       C             G       C        Em*
Hand on mine down the jasmine corridor.

 Asus4(?)                        A sus2/4  Em*
Reflecting echoes of quiet laughter.

Em**                Em*
Through all my life,
           C                      Em***      Em*
I chased flitting illusions at a faster pace.
Em**                    Em*
Never stopped to think:
     C                           Em***        Em*
the moment was for seizing, had myself to face.
D            C      G        D
You made my bed to lie in, stately.
D           C                      G      D
Mad cats, grandchildren, here more often lately.
D          C             G       C      Em*
The final view from the jasmine corridor.

 Asus4(?)                        A   Em
Reflecting echoes of quiet laughter. Uuum...

If anyone knows how to play in those places where Asus4 is the closest
I've come, let med know (especially in the intro).
[email protected]

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