Jack Frost and The Hooded Crow

Capo 7

Dm C Dm

C Bb

        C              Bb               F                  C
Through long December nights we talk in words of rain and snow
        C              Bb               F                  C
while you,through chattering teeth,reply and curse us as you go.
    Dm           C                    Bb                F
Why not spare a throught this day for those who have no flame
   Bb                  F         Bb
To warm their bones at Christmas time?
         F             C       Dm   C   Dm
Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow

Dm C Dm x3

C                     Bb               F                  C
Now as the last broad oak leaf falls,we beg:consider this---
        C                Bb               F               C
there's some who have no coin to save for turkey,wine or gifts.
        Dm              C                 Bb             F
No children's laughter round the fire,no family left to know
   Bb                 F       Bb
So lend a warm and a helping hand---
         F             C       Dm    C    Dm
say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

Interval: Missing

As holly pricks and ivy clings
your fate is none to clear
The Lord may find you wanting,let your good fortune disappear
All homey comforts blown away and all that's left to show
is to share your joy at Christmas time
                                Dm    C   Dm
with Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

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