Jethro Tull: The Clasp
Album: Broadsword and the beast
Chords: Håkan Mattsson
In this song the bass often lies on the same note throughout each line,
which I have noted after the / on each chord. This, of course, must not
be played on the guitar, but on a synth or piano it sounds good.

Synth intro: Gm   F/G   D#/G   F/G Gm      2 times

|: Dm C :|    (6 times)

     Dm                       C/D       Bb/D            C/D Dm
We travellers on the endless wastes in single orbits, gli..ding
 Dm                          C/D              Bb/D            C/D Dm
cold-eyed march towards the dawn behind hard-weather hoods a-hi..ding.
 G      F       Dm         G   Am              F  G
Meeting as the tall ships do, passing in the channel
   Dm                      C/D       Bb/D          C   Dm
afraid to chance a gentle touch - afraid to make the clasp.

|: Dm C :|

    Em                      D/E       C/E          D/E Em
In high-rise city canyons dwells the discontent of a..ges.
Em                              D/E     C/E             D/E Em
On ring roads, nose to bumper crawl commuters in their ca..ges.
  A      G        Em  A            Bm            G    A
Cryptic signals flash across from pilots in the fast lane.
 Em                      D/E       C/E           D   Am
Double-locked and belted in - too late to make the clasp.

 Am              Em                  F            Dm
Let's break the journey now on some lonely road.
 Am            Em                      F          G
Sit down as strangers will, let the stress unload.
         Am                          Em
Talk in confidential terms, share a dark unspoken fear.
   Dm                Am          Bb
Refill the cup and drink it up. Say goodnight and
wish good luck.

G#    Fm    D#m G Cm Gm D D D... (maybe not exactly right...)

     Dm                        C/D          Bb/D      C/D Dm
Synthetic chiefs with frozen smiles holding unsteady courses.
  Dm                    C/D               Bb/D   C/D Dm
Grip the reins of history, high on their battle horses.
     A      G         Em       A            Bm            G  A
And meeting as good statesmen do before the T.V. eyes of millions,
 Em                        D/E      C/E           D   Em
hand to hand exchange the lie - pretend to make the clasp.

|: Em D :|   (6 times)

Gm A Dm Am "D" (just the tone "D")  (maybe not exactly right...)

Synth outro: Gm F/G D#/G F/G Gm