Batteries Not Included
Ian Anderson

Intro: Gm F Eb� repeatedly

F#m                                                                                              D             A
Six o�clock in the morning wake up by the bed there sits a new Japanese toy

        Bm  F#m
and I like it.

F#m                                                                                                          D            A
See the name on the wrapping can�t read yet but I know it�s meant for me lucky boy

            Bm   F#m
 ( and I want it )

F#m                                                                                                    D               A
Lights that flash wheels that go round digital display fresh silicone chips to enjoy

         Bm   F#m
and I need them

Repeat intro

Other  verses:

Sitting silent and empty wish I could breathe life in my friend who�s terribly still.
And I like him. Just like me perhaps he�s hungry six volts make him smile and twelve volts would probably kill. How I like him.

Seven o�clock in the morning they find me by the bed with my friend the Japanese toy.
I am with him. Mummy, daddy can�t see you, hear you batteries not included in this little boy.  Lala la laa�

Repeat intro

Transcribed by Jim McWeeney. Suggestions welcome.