Wootton Bassett Town  - acoustic version -            CAPO 3        



                Em     Em C   Em C   C   D  

Intro_1: e:|----0----|-0--0-|-0--0-|-00--22-|                     Note: capo = fret 0


         G:|----0----|-0--0-|-0--0-|-00--22-|              3= 3rd fret behind the capo





             Em       C              Em       C   C   D

Intro_2: e:|-0----0-2-3-777-555-33-|-0----0-2-3-|-00--22-|             


         G:|-0--------0------------|-0--------0-|-00--22-|   2

         D:|-2--------2------------|-2--------2-|-22--00-| times




Em                   C                                       Em               C                     C D   D     

      Hourglass     sands run through my veins       like blood draining from a  salty  wound.                                                        

      Mad Mars forgets the cost of strife,                 serves no longer, purpose in my life.


  Em C D             D  G   C      Am                 D      D       Em
I lie    in sweat, cry others' tears       and write a letter to my  Mum,


Em                  C        C        D G     Am                D           D C BBBB CC          Intro_2

      My wife, my God unheard, unseen,      who never thinks to intervene.


Em                     C                                  Em                    C           C          D   D     

     Oh,     what     pain and oh, what lie               has called to us, from heaven on high?

     This cruel and harsh sweet punishment               for follies acted,    leaves  us  spent.


Em   C        D                    D     G  C         Am                      D        D              Em
Long road to Baghdad, then Persian hordes?       Where will we stop to sheath our swords?


Em   C        C    D   G         Am                  D        D      C       BBBB CC

      IED´s lie patient, sleeping,      wake when soldier boots come creeping.



Instrumental:   Em C  /  Em C  /  CC DD  

Em                      C                                           Em                     C                      C       D      D     

         Hourglass     sands run through my veins            like  blood      draining from a   sal __­  ty      wound.                                                       

         Mad Mars forgets the cost of strife,                      serves  no      longer, purpose  in         my    life.

         Down   this   dusty scorched wind-blast track,     eyes facing     forward,              ne'er    look  back.

      As rain comes down on Wootton Bassett Town,     black hearses crawl           and church bells sound.


Em   C         D            D   G   C       Am        D          D            Em
          Bikers, burghers line the kerbs;        a politician, a Highness Royal.


Em                           C               C  D G     Am                     D       no chords             BBBB CC (3x)   

     Chance shoppers, tradesmen, stiffly stand      and shed their tears for the military man.



Music & lyrics by Ian Anderson - This is my own acoustic version - widolf@email.de